Sunday, September 9, 2012

Welcome To Our Laboratory

      Brought to you by Body Dimensions Industries Inc, BD Laboratory is a place dedicated to inform, empower and educate the average cosmetic and personal care consumer.  Through our efforts we aim to help consumers, formulators and interested persons alike wade through the sea of bad ingredients, false promises and substandard results that permeate the industry.

     How will we do this you ask?  Through contributions far and wide.  We have a network of formulators and industry insiders who can possibly shed light on those pesky questions that keep you up at night:  What ingredients qualify as organic these days?  What certifications should I be looking into for my products?  What makes an ingredient fairtrade?  How do I navigate export regulations?  And many, many more.  

Additionally, we will often try to include industry updates, articles of interest, formulation techniques and helpful tips.

Mixing Round Clock,